Textarea problem with web-kit chromium engine

I have problem with textarea in chromium engine

my code is

     <tr height="160px">
        		<td width=5% >&nbsp;</td>
        		<td class='normal_pismo' >Popis dokumentu	</td>
        		<td><textarea class=ramecarea rows=6 cols=29  maxlength=256 name=popis><?php echo $popis;?></textarea>	

when i compile application file and run the application. i can’t write to textarea

Can you help me?

Fix your html code and try it again.

how can I fix the html?

where is the error.

When I open the html code in browser it works

can you send me code where it works?


Try this:
I have no time, but i try to help you fast

<tr height="160px">
    <td width="5%">&nbsp;</td>
    <td class="normal_pismo">Popis dokumentu</td>
        <textarea class="ramecarea" rows="6" cols="29"  maxlength="256" name="popis">
                echo $popis;

I hope it works.
If not, use Developer tools or put the html code to an .html file and try the w3 Validator ( http://validator.w3.org/ )

i fix html end check with validator
i try it but the error persists.
when i try it with xampp and run with chrome browser it work but with exeoutput 1.7.0 with chrome engine it does not work