Tray Icon 2023 Beta 2

If I add a tray icon, the generated app crashes. If using a loading splash image, only way to get closed is use task manager as splash image covers error message.


We cannot reproduce the issue. Enabling the tray icon does not result into such an error.
Could you please send us your HEPX file? By email to info DOT
Thank you!

Let me get written approval from school to share the code. They are so picky about me releasing any code in the wild. I guess they cannot be safe enough when software is running on school computers, but a real pain.

Just the HEPX file (project file) would be enough. The HTML files are not necessary.

Going to make another app and strip all internal school links from the app. Try to get it ready tomorrow :slight_smile:

Could you please test with the new Beta 2B released today?

For sure! Got Church grounds cleanup duty in the morning and give it a try either tomorrow evening or Sunday evening :slight_smile:

Already downloaded and installed.

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Had a second left in the day and decided to try. Great news, the error is now gone, and tray icon is displayed.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the feedback! Great that we managed to fix that issue.

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