Trial Version Questions (before I use it !)

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These are probably very stupid questions but I have not used anything like ExeOutput before.

Q1. On the website it says:
“Moreover, you are not allowed to distribute applications made with the Trial edition.”
I only have Windows 7 at the moment, but would need to test a created exe on 10 and 11 as well, so have a couple of volunteers who are willing to test on thier own machines. Would they still be able to run it but it would have the nag screen or something (which would not be a problem as if it all worked ok, I’d be getting the paid version before proper distribution) or would my test app not run on their machines at all ?

Q2. I had a look at PHPDesktop as well, but that requires end users to actually “install” an app as opposed to simply saving a single file to their desktop, so that kind of put me off that solution. Are there any cases where ExeOutput for PHP would have to do that for any dependencies please ? or would everything definitely be contained in the .exe file ?

The reason I ask is that at present, I have my “apps” written in (don’t laugh) Dos Batch Script :slight_smile: but of course that makes it VERY limited, but at least they a single .bat file. I want to keep things very simple and unworrying for the users as many are not very computer savvy !!! Moving to a .exe instead of .bat will mean it would be far more difficult for them to look at the script, which could cause “trust issues” as it is, so everything being in one place (and could simply be deleted) would by far be the better option for me.



Well - I have been testing and already mostly got my answer to question 1 !! Nag screen and statement saying distribution is illegal etc etc.

Can I take it that you have no objection to the exe being sent to a couple of people for testing purposes only though ?

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Cannot comment on trial version…

But I will on PHPDesktop.

If you are building a product that should look and perform like professional software, PHPDesktop is not it. So many short comings but great for hobbyist.

Then the CEF version for windows version is a showstopper at: v57

Not putting Czarek Tomczak’s work down (really respect the dude), he has invested a lot of time / effort into the project. It is just not made for professional software. If you have $1000 he will update to CEF 100:)

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You can of course distribute the EXE to fiends privately. You are not allowed to publish it for all and/or make money from it with the Trial edition.

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Ok then.

Thanks very much :slightly_smiling_face: