Trouble loading .EXE files in to WordPress/WooCommerce

I’m trying to set up distribution of an .EXE xlspadlock workbook through a webstore using Wordpress and the WooCommerce but am running in to restrictions on uploading and linking the .EXE file as a product on the server. How are others bypassing the WordPress file restrictions? I’m new to this part so hopefully I’m just missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Strange, because we did not get this limit. Which version of WordPress and Woocommerce are you using?

WP 5.4 and WC 4.01.

Seems to be an issue:

Think we found a work around to bypass the limitation but just want to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Yes, it may be a new limitation. But since WordPress comes with full source, it’s possible to tweak it. BTW you can also zip the EXE file before uploading it.

I also run through that. I made it to zip then uploaded it went ok.