Trouble with OnNavigateComplete

I’m not having any luck with the OnNavigateComplete function in my UserMain script. It’s not firing after the pages have finished loading on my home page, or

procedure OnNavigateComplete(URL: String);
//When a page has been displayed.
MessageDlg(URL, “URL Test”, mtInformation, [mbOK]);


I’ve also tried GetCurrentHTMLPagePath many different ways and no luck either…

I’ve tried in HEscript functions and it’s always returned as undefined.

Seems I cannot post code here either for examples.

Looks like a recent update broke OnNavigateComplete. Can you try this patch:

Please unpack it to the “CEFRuntime” folder of ExeOutput (V2020.2 only).
Make a backup of the folder first.

Yes, it’s now firing on everything… Only problem I see is multiple URL’s are firing too… So I guess detecting the main URL/frame is needed because I’m seeing it fire multiple times. So on this page it starts with about:blank, then the main url, then a frame is on the page, then lastly a chat popup fires twice. I guess this is what we want?