Unable to compile with custom UI Excel 365

The Excel customized ribbon file is of the file type .exportedUI not Office UI. I tried changing the file extension with No luck. I also tried compiling with ribbon already customized and the exe still has the default ribbon.

Try this tool:

You are going to have to be much more specific in what I am using this tool for. Why do I need it? What will it produce? It appears to insert Icons into the ribbon.

That is not my issue. I simply want my ribbon to have two tabs – Home and Data. I can edit the ribbon in Excel 365 how I want it and export the UI file. The UI file that exports from 365 is of a file type .exportedUI. Your documentation calls for .officeUI. 365 is different. If I compile a workbook with the ribbon already customized I still get the default ribbon in the exe.


Van Wooten


The software listed above lets you create custom UI and generate .officeUI files as expected.