Unable to create activation key

I am unable to generate activation key even after filling correct system ID Option.
For example I had filled hard disk serial number and generated the key through key generator.
But once I put that key on on my exe file it gives the error that it is a wrong key.
Kindly help urgently
Dr. A.K Mishra

Did you use the stand-alone key generator or the key generator available in XLS Padlock UI directly?
Did you provide the activation master key? If yes, make sure you pasted it correctly, without extra spaces.

I used the key generator available in XLS Padlock

I did provide the activation key

I ensured that it was pasted correctly.

Still the problem

Kindly solve my issue urgently


Make also sure to open the Excel workbook first (the one that has been compiled to EXE). And did you click “Save and Close” after building the EXE? If not, the application master key hasn’t been saved and thus you can’t create correct activation keys.

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