Unable to programmatically enable and disable kiosk print & print preview

Tried to use enable Kiosk print and Disable print preview from Application Setting ->component
It works fine

However when I try to programmatically disable kiosk printing and enable print previews at runtime it does not work.
I already tried to follow documentation

First i tried to change the value of global variable using

exo_setglobalvariable(‘KioskPrintEnabled’, ‘0’, false);
exo_setglobalvariable(‘KioskPrintCopies’, ‘0’, false);
exo_setglobalvariable(‘PrintPreviewEnabled’, ‘1’, false);

the global variable was successfully changed, but print preview still not working

My app use 2 printers, i need to use kiosk print for the first printer and print preview for another one.

is there any working samples that i can use? or any idea how to do this?

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We’ll try to improve kiosk printing in next release.

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