Understanding the activation mechanism

Recently my company has bought XLS Padlock and we are quite satisfied.

We want to use the the activation mechanism.
But before we start implementing this in our software, I want to understand how it works.

In general we have the need for three types of activation.

  • Trial
  • Non-trial and limited amount of users, i.e. 3 users
  • Non trial and unlimited amount of users

For the trial scenario (which seems to work), I just create a trial key for each user who requests it.
For the limited amount of users, I would, for example, create three activation keys and send them these.
For the unlimited amount of users, I would like to send this company an activation key for unlimited users.

What would happen if the user uses the same key twice (trail, non trial limited, or non trial unlimited) for example on different computers?

Can you provide a best practice for our needs?

If you don’t use hardware-locked activation keys, then nothing prevents the user to use the same key on different computers.
You can take a look at our demo at https://www.xlspadlock.com/excel-workbook-demo, choose Activation Key tab.