Uninstall Log File

I purchased the software and tried the uninstall function.
I noticed a log (text file) was created. Is there a way to protect the log file to be readable by the end user?

No, it is deliberately in text format so that users can see what was installed…

One of the statement was to copy a .DLL file into windows system directory, would like to know any ways to “mask” out to prevent user to notice it?
Tiied the zip format but after installation, it will still shown the .DLL in the text log file.

What should be environment variable to use if I have the installer program in USB drive, once installed, log created, USB removed. it can only remove when I reinsert into the USB drive into the PC?

Is there an environment variable for USB drive or CD Drive?

If you don’t want this DLL to be added to the log, use the “File Properties” dialog:

And enable “Do not remove the file when uninstalling the package” (see https://www.installpackbuilder.com/help/files-destination)