Unwanted New Line After Split

I am using GSplit to split large text documents into smaller ones. I use a simple
text string like <---------------> or xxxxxxxxxxxx to tell G split where to split.

So far so good.

My question is how do I keep GSplit from adding a blank line right after the text string:

Before the split each segment looks like this:
Text here Text here Text here Text here.

After the split, each new document has a blank line at the top
and the second line is the "Text here Text here Text here Text here"
part shown above.

I need the text on the very first line of the split documents. Any ideas?

It’s because the CRLF characters are still in your original file. You could try:
<--------------->0x0D0x0A for the pattern, or a similar combination (see http://www.gdgsoft.com/gsplit/help/SplitByLinesOccurrences.htm)

Thanks for the info. That makes sense. It’s still not working but I’ll keep playing with it.