Updating custom cef

I need webm video alpha opacity, wich is not available in actual CEF version. After checking CEF branchs I need CEF 3.3112.1649. / Chromium 60.0.3112.78 or over wich supports alpha in videos.

So I’v been triying to replace CEFRuntime folder with new versions (replacing all files except EXORun.dat and clearing cache).
My app compiles without errors, but when I open my app I receive an access violation at address xxxxxxxx in module myapp.exe read of address bla bla…

Is there a way to update my CEF to test what I need?

if not , there will be a exeouput CEF update soon?

Thank you

You can’t update the CEF manually. We have plans to replace the CEF with a more recent version, but we’ll lose compatibility with Windows Vista…

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In current times Win7 and 10.
Xp and Vista are dead. :skull_and_crossbones:
My projects are for Win7 and 10. :stars:
I see no problem in not offering support for xp and vista.

:+1: Only one opinion.

I agree, my proyects are for win7 and 10 too

Yes, time to move on from older versions of Win.

It would be nice if one could keep an older version along side latest of EXEOut though. I still use v1.7 from time to time and know that is possible.

Yes, still possible to have both ExeOutput 2 and 1.7 installed on the same machine.
We’re working on the next release which should include an updated Chromium version.

Yes, I understand. What I meant was keep an older version of V2 so could update any software designed for vista.

We’ll keep two versions: ExeOutput 2.x will continue to offer XP and Vista support (but with no new feature), and the incoming ExeOutput 2018 will bring PHP 7.2 and Chromium 63. We successfully implemented the last Chromium version but several internal changes must be finished and tested prior release.

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