URGENT! Program takes 20 min to open

Help! I have a customer that has just installed my spreadsheet and for some reason it is taking 20 minutes to open on their computer.

It sits on the splash screen for that long and eventually opens up. (Splash screen is set for 7 seconds).

I tried the install on 3 different computers in my house and none of them do that.

The customer is running Windows 10 with the latest patches installed, 8GB RAM, Excel 2013.

Has anyone ever run into this?

I noticed that if the client is using the Excel ‘App’ or Office 365 cloud version (instead of the actual Office Pro 2016, 2019) it ‘ruins’ the file when they save it!

Have them email you their saved xlsc file and try to launch it yourself to see. If it takes a long time to open then;

You will then have to have them install the full MS Office (the full Desktop version that can recognize VBA, like Office Pro or Pro Plus),

and have them use your original file in order to fix it!

This is what happened to me with all my Excel clients using my vba enabled Excel file.

I also had to revert to 2019.0 in order to open their files to test it, as my 2019.1 didn’t recognize the file at all !!!

Thanks for your help!

I’ll check back with them. I would think that they have the full version since it is 2013, but I could be wrong. I’ll have them send me their file either way to see how it reacts on my computer.

I have not upgraded to 2019.1 yet, so hopefully my version will open it.

I checked with the user and they are using the full version of Excel 2013.

I had her send me her .xlsc file and I was able to open it using the decryption feature in XLS Padlock. Since it is hardware-locked, I couldn’t just open the file with the encrypted program.

She had not made any changes to it, so there was really nothing to see.

I did ask her if the spreadsheet works properly after it eventually opens and she said yes. It is not slow or anything; just super slow to open initially.

Any other ideas about what could cause that?

That’s interesting; I am always able to open a user’s xlsc file as long I am using the same .exe it was created with (no new key needed either, it just opens fine).

I unfortunately am never able to use the XLS file ‘decryption’ feature, not even with my own file! It always says that the file is corrupted or something.

It seems that if it is taking a long time to open initially, perhaps it is trying to find either the default Excel version, or the exe file to get the key?

Do they open the xlsc file using the exe, or do they open the xlsc file directly?

What if they do a file association, meaning right-click the xlsc file then select ‘Open with’ then choose the .exe to open it with?

I have the application set to automatically save the file and automatically load each time. They do not save multiple copies of the file. So, every time she opens the application it takes forever to open.

She had to go, so we didn’t get to finish troubleshooting. I asked her to try turning off her virus scan temporarily before trying to open the file, so we’ll see if that does anything. She is in New Zealand and I am in the US, so it will probably be tomorrow before we get to work on it some more.

Make sure you are using the latest version of XLS Padlock. Or if you don’t want to upgrade, your customer can try the desktop version of Office and not the click-to-run edition of Office 365. But it would be better that you upgrade your copy of XLS Padlock: Office is always changing nowadays and so you must also keep your XLS Padlock up-to-date.

The user is on a full desktop version of Excel. It is version 2013, but XLS Padlock is supposed to work with 2013.

I am not ready to upgrade to 2019.1 at this time. Did .1 fix some sort of bug that could cause this?

Ask your user to reinstall or repair Office. Sometimes, it can really help.

Will do. Thanks.