Using App GUID Folder and Data Folder Together

Cannot get compiled app to work if using PHP file in Data folder UNLESS I make the app portable.

Wish to use the app GUID app folder along with the Data folder. In the Data folder I have a .ini file that contains few entries like $teachersname, $classroom and few other fields.

I use include "Data/app.ini"; and later on in PHP script echo the teachers name, etc like <?php echo $teachersname;?>

When compiled app starts, it seems to look for the Data folder within the app GUID folder and not Data folder placed with .exe.

What the heck am I doing wrong?

Wish easier way to allow teachers to change info, but cannot think of better way. Certainly open for suggestions. But, at least need the ini within Data folder working.

Thanks in advance for input.

The “Data” subfolder shouldn’t be mentioned: it’s the root.
In your PHP code, just use include "app.ini".

Silly me. After re-reading docs for hundredth time, see that files in Data folder should treated as root.

Thank you!