Using the same saved files on multiple computers

If I deploy workbook with a hardware locked activation key for one computer, is it possible to use the same saved files on another hardware locked computer with a different activation key?

Here’s the scenario…

Company buys workbook that is hardware locked and receives the activation key. They want to be able to use the workbook on different computers at different times. Can I issue a new hardware locked activation key for each computer they want to use it on and as long as the saved files themselves are not hardware locked in the padlock settings when the workbook is compiled, they can share and load the saved files and use them on each of the computers?

Yes, it’s possible if you don’t configure XLS Padlock to hardware-lock save files too in addition to hardware-locked keys (the option is not enabled by default).
Just issue new hardware-locked activation keys. Save files can be shared between users (that’s the goal) but of course they can only be opened by activated EXE files.