V 2.0.0 BETA 3 Issues

I test my EXE by opening using top menu (folder with right arrow). Opens and runs. I close it and make some changes. Then recompile anbd end up with this error:

The following error has occurred during compilation:
Impossible d'ouvrir le fichier "F:\Projects - EXEout\Brander\brander-beta3.exe". The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

The EXE is not shown in task manager (win10) and is not running.

To solve I must close EXEOut and restart. Maybe just my machine but wanted to pass on in case.

Is there “language” settings some place, cannot seem to find. “Impossible d’ouvrir le fichier”


The error means “Cannot open the file” so some program on your machine is blocking the creation of the EXE file. This is typically an antivirus program that can cause this problem.

Not antivirus, turned completely off and tried. Then whitelisted my app. The error does not happen every time. Seems to popup at random. Seems the EXE does not shut down.

Just thought I would report what I am experiencing since testing beta.

Is there online documentation for V2?

The built-in PHP help has missing files. For instance when try to load the “Application Settings” help, presented with:

`HTML Executable Viewer Error

The following error has occurred. Please press Back to return to the previous page or contact the author of this program for further information.

File not found: .html
Trying to figure out how to add/remove/disable toolbar and menubar. For life of me cannot seen to disable features not wanted.

Cannot for life of me see how to change the toolbar button images either…

Really like the new features in V2 but got to learn them:)


Sometimes the about box does not load content, other times it works and displays the content with default grey background.

Did you also whitelist ExeOutput itself in your antivirus program?

“Did you also whitelist ExeOutput itself in your antivirus program?”

Not sure that is going to help since it is happening on many machines. Sent beta software to about 20 teachers and after having them test - most experienced the issue.

Which issue? The about box?
Because you mentioned several ones in your thread. For the whitelisting, it is for the first issue.

my bad. the about box is what I was talking about. not just happening on my computer.

this is the reason I started new threads for issues experiencing. hope you do not mind? just trying to report what I am experiencing in V2 beta. if too many threads, tell me how you wish me to report:)

Not a problem, we prefer to get feedback than nothing :wink:

And when the about box doesn’t load content, what is displayed? Could you take a screenshot? This would be helpful.

Happy to give feedback because love ExeOut:) Makes my life easier (sometimes) when creating software for a teacher group.

The about box shows no content, only the default grey background. Not on just one EXE I created, on most of them. It happens at random. Closing the box and reopening can fix and content displayed.

Will get you a screenshot next time it happens.