V2 Beta ExoVerif.dll error

Removed the top menu bar completely from my project, compiled using down arrow.

Starting my compiled EXE, get popup error about ExoVerif.dll not designed for Windows, please reinstall software.

Had to do a “Full Build” from the build menu to stop popup error message.

Not sure if anyone cares about this error but, I agreed to test the beta and report back. Woman of my word…

Uncheck this option and rebuild:

What is the diference between the Full Build and “normal” Build?
I get some errors without use the “Full Build”.

I don’t know why.
Show error with strange letters in PHP, in line 1.

When use the Full this is fixed.

“Full Build” recompresses all source files before creating the EXE.
“Build” uses the files previously compressed (if available) and creates the EXE directly. In other words, the file compression step is avoided. ExeOutput will make a full build if it detects some changes in the file list (for instance, the file datetime has been modified).

Ok, thanks. But, is this the message end user gets if they have a debugger running?

No, they should get something such as “Debugger detected”.

Ok, thanks. So what is causing the issues? Why should I have to disable the debugger check? Just wondering…

It’s a workaround until we find out why this error could happen.