V2018.1 UI Editor Issue

After opening the UI editor and modifying a toolbar couple of times, cannot seem to get back to far right of toolbar. Guess the best way to make clear is this image:

Maximizing does not help. Only way to get back to editing is close the project and restart V2018.1.

Strange. Does it happen each time you use the UI editor or in a specific manner?

Seems to happen 99% of the time. Happens on different projects so not associated with one. Basically I edit the toolbar (like add a button), save (ok) and when returning the issue appears. Have to stop what doing, close 2018 and reopen to edit the toolbar.

We’ll try to reproduce with the steps you described. Thanks :wink:

This issue is getting worse. Now when opening I get a blank UI:

Close it and I get the issue shown when I opening this thread / issue.

Sadly, now I cannot edit the toolbar at all. Never get the the bottom scroll bar so cannot get to far left.

My husband (a google contractor) just figured this out for me. I use 3 monitors. If I start exeout on main monitor, I do not always have the issue. If I have dragged exeout to a second monitor, close after use then restart later (remembers which monitor I assume), the issue happens every time.

So got to remember to only use on main monitor. Beats me why, but works and I can get my work completed.

Really interesting discovery. Now we may be able to reproduce your issue and hopefully fix it!

Not sure if it matters but the issue happens on the DVI based monitor(s). The one that does not have issue is VGA.