Version 2020 Crashing and Dialog Boxes

Download the latest V 2020. It is crashing (send report):

Running on Windows 10 Pro, latest build. Everything is up to date, do not run out of date operating system or software.

Also seeing issues with dialog boxes, some cannot even read. Here is one example:


And again, about once a day:

Error report sent.

Strange, we did not get your error report.

For the dialog box, looks like a DPI problem or a font problem. Did you change the default Windows text size and not the Windows DPI setting?

Strange indeed. I pressed the “send bug report” button.

DPI problem. I do not recall changing default Windows text size. But at 63 my eyes probably need larger text :slight_smile:

Pretty sure my setting are at default all around:

Really strange because with these default settings, you should see:

I must have some type of display issue. Not sure where to start looking, but will check into it.