Version number update not triggered

Hi there,

I am trying out the feature to check for updates on program start up. I have followed the process as close as i can in order to set it up but when i click the check for updates button no new version is found even though i have dropped in a new version of the inf and cab files. I also am checking for the updates on a previous version of the program file as one would expect.

I am storing the .inf and .cab file in dropbox, might this be the issue? I’d appreciate any help that one may have available :slight_smile:

many thanks


Which version of XLS Padlock are you using?
And what version numbers did you use? (Old one and new one)

hi thanks for your message back,

i managed to sort this out by placing the update files on a dedicated web server instead of drop box.

FYI: I used hostinger as the server

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