Web update errors

We have a few problems with Web update features.
First one: the url for the .cab file from .inf file does not match with the base url set for server:

If you check the url, it is functional, but have to manually edit the .inf:
Second problem:
Nothing happens…
We are using the old exe stored in a different location, but when we open the file, there is no notification that a new version available.
We have set the compiler setting to Automatically check for updates at startup.
We do not display the welcome screen with the Check for updates button, but we do expect the exe to check for updates automatically according to the Check For Updates option set to automatic.
What are we missing?
thank you

First problem is caused by misleading documentation:

As seen in the docs, the base url ends with “…/myfolder”
The compiler generates the CORRECT url ONLY if the url ends with “/”, like “…/myfolder/”, otherwise it will DROP anything after the last “/” found.
Second problem: solved also when added the final “/” to base url.
This should really be a warning in the documentation, IF you know that your code does remove the last url part after last slash. Or better, the code should be more clever and ad the trailing slash if the user did not added it.

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Thank you for your solution and workaround. We’ll study them for the next release.