webGL in htmlExe

I’m trying to run webGL (unity, blend4web) in WebBrowser publication mode.
After compiling the htmlexe-project and run it, 3d-player in html page says that it is impossible to activate WebGL.
Is it possible to use the current version of webGL in htmlexe projects?

Please try this option if it helps. The webbrowser mode uses the default IE engine. WebGL will be fully supported when we release HTMLEXE 5 with Chromium mode.

Thank you.
Partly helped (vanilla webgl started working). And that’s good.
Enough to wait for the 5th version (please continue to support flash!).

And when you plan to release version 5?

We just released version 4.8 which should first mature. ExeOutput 2 will be out soon, and HTMLEXE 5 should follow because they share a lot of code.

Is there any information about HTML 5 support?
I also try to build an application with built-in WebGL (Unity) and at startup I get a warning: “Please note that your browser is not currently supported for this Unity WebGL content. Press OK if you wish to continue anyway.”. But then Unity still runs.
Also I get an error that sound is not supported:sound-error

Hello. I have same problem with Unity webGL. It’s IE engine restriction.
IE engine more or less normal work with native webGL ( I try blend4Web, it’s work, but without sound).
Hope only for the coming cromium engine in version 5.
Короче, дружище, не видать нам тут поддержки Unit, пока новую версию не запилят. Уж пара лет прошла. )

Ну будем ждать новостей, важная для нас штука. Вроде вот тут тоже обещали что-то презентовать (до декабря 2017): Info HTML Executable 5 update?