Website SSL Certification and Online EXE Validation

Hi there,

I am having troubles to activate SSL Certificate on my website because once it is activated the EXE online validation process doesn’t work. The error message I’m getting is: “Failed to use WordPress REST API. Check the configuration. Error: Error: []”

I’m using a cPanel-COMODO SSL Certificate, in a Wordpress website, LiteSpeed server, and PHP 5.6. I tried two different SSL Plugins to activate the certificate: Really Simple SSL and One Click SSL. Both of them had the same problem, once it is activated the online validation doesn’t work but if I disable them, online validation works fine again.

Any thoughts?


Maybe these plug-ins are not compatible with the REST API provided by WordPress and WooCommerce? Try to contact their author or your ISP support.

Hi Support,

Out of curiosity, what do you use in your website? And there is a way to activate the SSL without using these plugins?


We use CloudFlare to manage SSL.