When is the release of the next version

I can see that the 1.7 was released in January 2013. When do you plan to release the next version with improved chromium support.

We are implementing Chromium Embedded Framework version 3 so it is taking time.

Please update the application.

New version: PHP 5.4.28. 19 bugs were fixed in this release.
All PHP 5.4 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

Chromium news?

php upgrade will help a lot of people.

before buying, I will expect a new version, php slightly newer.

have a date for a new version of the program?


First we’ll release the new version with the last version of PHP 5.3.x series. Then we’ll come to PHP 5.4 to let customers have time to upgrade their code.

thats perfact

and kindly work with AJAX with CHROMIUM it is so essential

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In initial tests, AJAX is now working fine in Chromium V3, without requiring any trick.

Thanks for your response, but can you give a hint on the timing. I am having a major problem with Trident and hoping that CEF 3 can help.

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Will the new gui like the ExeOutput GUI available for us to use in our builded Programms?
This would be nice!

Do you mean ribbons GUI?

yes abolutly

yes this is what i mean!