Why this script show a syntax error

Hi, why this script show a syntax error?
function getLicenseInfo(infoNr: String): String;
buf: AnsiString;
SetLength(buf, 128);
if obsGetLicenseInfo(StrToInt(infoNr), buf) then
Result := buf
Result := “”;
tks you.

Looks like the " (quote) character isn’t the valid one.

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tks you,
how i can solve the problem please.
error code: unknown method or routine: ‘SetLength’

SetLength isn’t defined. Do not use it.
BTW have you contacted Obsidium support to get updated Obsidium code for recent ExeOuput versions?

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No i havent !!

do you have solution for that please?

I contacted Obsidium suppot and they give me an updated version of the code thanks you so match.