Will ExeOutput for PHP be a good solution for programs with a lot of data?

Hello, at the beginning I would like to welcome everyone, because I am a new user of this forum. For some time now I have been thinking about creating a large software for Windows. The software would look similar to a CRM or ERP system with a lot of data. When writing a lot of data, I mean up to 100,000 records in each model (about 15 models). Each record has about 30 columns (usually string, longText). Did any of you create similar software based on ExeOutput for PHP? If so, how does this software work in ERP and CRM systems? Do people who have created such a large software can give me some hints I should stick to and what should I do when creating a software using ExeOutput for PHP? My software would mostly work on saved data, e.g. invoices and similar formats. The project I would like to pursue would be innovative, a solution that is not yet on the European market. I know that my solutions would be very popular. I also know that ERP and CRM software is usually created in Java or C / C # / C ++ but unfortunately I do not have that much time to learn Java and other software development techniques and I am interested in using ExeOutput for PHP. I am an experienced PHP programmer and I know Laravel very well. Currently, I have a project written and all its requirements, base structures, models and the like. Creating this software in PHP would take about 5 months and a lot of money. I would not want to lose this time and money if it turned out that ExeOutput for PHP is not a suitable solution for this type of software. I will be very happy if I receive information from programmers of similar large software. This post can be a good hint for future software developers who would like to use ExeOutput for PHP in the future.
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Basically, this is more a problem for PHP itself rather than ExeOutput. PHp scripts are executed in separate processes, so they have their own memory space (and you can configure the amount of memory through PHP.INI). If it works in PHP, it is likely that it will work in ExeOutput too. Note that, how do you store data? In a database? Which one?

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I want to save the data in the Mysql database. Queries in this case will not be complicated. The problem is rather a lot of data and displaying them. Mysql seems to me the best and most effective solution. Do you know a solution that will work better with ExeOutput for PHP? I have read in the documentation that ExeOutput supports OpCache. It will be necessary. I have already created one test application with Laravel in ExeOutput for Php but
when I move between pages I have visible gaps (blank pages are displayed for a second, two seconds or more) during page reloads. Is it possible to avoid this and to make the transitions more smooth and faster? Maybe other forum users have already created a larger application and somehow eliminated this effect?

Laravel works but it is a “fat” framework with lots of PHP files. ExeOutput must catch every PHP file request, so it is normal that it can take some time when you reload an entire page. OpCache is helpful in that case because it caches scripts.
The other possibility for Laravel is to keep laravel framework files outside the EXE (not compile them) in the “Data” subfolder. Thus, they will be immediately found by the PHP process.
MySQL works fine if you run a local database server for instance. ExeOutput also offers a way to run a local MariaDB server.

You’re right. Earlier, I was not interested in CodeIgniter. Laravel weighs approximately 100mb (10K files) while Codeigniter weighs approximately 2mb (250 files :smiley: ). Now I am thinking about using CodeIgniter or writing a program in pure PHP. But writing using the framework is wonderful! I think that before I start writing a program I will do accurate and detailed test comparing Laravel and CodeIgniter. I will check how fast they work with ExeOutput for PHP. I will try to introduce you to the results of the test. Thank you very much for the hint. I did not think about changing the technique of writing the program and now I know that it is necessary. Every second and every query is important for a large program! :slight_smile: Did any of the users compare the speed of these two frameworks?

writing without framework big application is suicide :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at PhalconPHP, it is php extension PHP Framework :slight_smile: one file dll, pure c, crazy fast

I hope that gdgsoft add this extension in default bundle. If not you have to put this extension in extension folder and enable it yourself

I do not understand why people are so aroused by LARAVEL, this is overrated junk, the whole opinion about him is from the years before he was just beginning, and now he has grown to absurd proportions. The economy around him was created in the same way as around Wordpress. I do not recommend using it.

Does your program need to work offline? Have you considered using Exeoutput as the front end with most of the heavy lifting done from a server? You have the downside that low quality connections may cause the app to behave like any webapp in a browser… but you have the advantage of having a relatively small install file, plus you can take care of security issues ok…

My experience with Codeigniter makes me worry about critical apps running reliably in production.

Just a thought :slight_smile: