Will Gsplit handle this use case?

I have several huge (9GB+) files that I need to archive to DVDs, on Windows 7. (They are Outlook .PST files… so they have internal structure; probably best thought-of as binary files.)

Can Gsplit split such a file into (e.g.) 2 or 3 DVDs, and then “glue them back together” when necessary? (possibly on a different, but still Windows-based, computer, with its own copy of Outlook, of course)

(By the way, I -thought- I had successfully posted this question late last week… Friday 2/17… but I don’t see it here, today. Coincidence, or a bug?)

A bug certainly, it’s the day when we moved to our new server.
Sure, GSplit can split any large file into smaller piece files. And use GUnite or the Self-Uniting EXE file generated to reunite all piece files when required.

Thanks. Because the file is so huge, and I don’t have lots of available space (20GB total) …

Before I begin this, please confirm that the process of splitting the file WILL NOT alter the existing 9GB file… and will not consume significant additional disk space while burning the split “pieces” to DVD.

No, the splitting process doesn’t touch the original file. It only reads it.
No temporary file is created: data is directly read from the original file to the destination piece file.