Window Sizing on High Res Screens

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On my app I have set it up so it looks fine on 1080p screens, with the window being fixed at 600x600 and fonts sized so everything fits nicely.

The problem comes with High Res screens. People have font sizes scaled so they can read them (so they don’t appear tiny) but this means everything falls off the edge of the window and people have to scroll.

Is there a way to automatically size the window so everything fits again please ? I didn’t want to have to allow users to resize the window, as it could spoilt the look of it.

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This should be already the case. The EXE is DPI-aware and adjusts font sizes and windows automatically. Only your content cannot be updated automatically by ExeOutput since we cannot change CSS for you.

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Well I had the window set to 600x600 and disllowed user rescaling as everything fitted nicely. When the user opened the window on a 4k screen the text had resized but not the box so he had to scroll to read/see it.

So does resizing of the window have to be enabled for it to happen automatically ? I would have though it would have auto resized and then locked the size.

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Yes, if the size is locked (you don’t allow resizing the window), this can lead to some problems. The best is now to prevent users from resizing if they want.

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Ok then.

Thanks very much. :slight_smile: