Windows 10 + Microsoft Edge + Continuum

Dear colleagues from GDG,
as you know in summer we will have brand new Windows 10 launched.

  1. They will replace Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge:

Question: will protected books that had been created as “WebBrowser (Internet Explorer) publication” be still working in Windows 10?

  1. They launch Continuum:

Question: does it mean that now our books will work on Windows phones?

Thank you!

Microsoft Edge will be a stand-alone browser with its own rendering engine. The webbrowser (IE) publication uses the standard webbrowser component installed in Windows that relies on the MSHTML engine. So in Windows 10, it will continue to work like it did in previous Windows releases.

Yes, probably if Continuum allows legacy 32-bit code to work on phones. Anyway, we’ll keep HTML Executable updated, and we’ll also work on the possibility to build Windows Universal apps.

Hello! One more question: OK, but how would we be able to check what we done in our html code, if IE would be terminated as a stand alone software in Windows? Maybe I didn’t understand your answer, but if it would run only under the hood, how can we reach something that would show whether our design is that intended to be?
This damned IE translates html codes and scripts so differently from other browsers. Things work in Chrome or Firefox wouldn’t work in IE and vice verse…

That’s why we will release the Chromium engine and even we are also working on adding EdgeChromium. Because EXE files with Chromium engine have a large size (80 MB without data) and with EdgeChromium it’s more like 10 MB.

Oh, this is a great news! Does this mean that in the future html publications should work perfectly in Chrome or Edge Chromium, then to compile them? No need to work well in IE anymore?
Can you please tell about the deadline of this development? Because if it is going to happen soon, I won’t make a new development in my e-book before that. There are only a few web developers who intend to work the way IE needs it, so it will make my life definitely easier.