Windows 7/Vista Program Files Read Only Solution?

Has there been a solution yet for getting writing privileges in the Program Files folder in Windows 7/Vista. I have my app built with ExeOutput 1.4 which uses a SQLLite database in the Data folder. I’m using Paquet Builder 2.9 to install it in the ProgramFiles x86 directory on Windows 7. I get write permission on the initial running on the app after install, but as soon as I close the app everything becomes read only and I can’t write to the database. I have request elevated rights on Vista checked and set to require administrator but it doesn’t help. Do I have to install my app in My Documents to make it work or is there a solution so it will work like I a real app?

Two options:

  • you could place your SQLite database in the “My Documents” folder and access it from there (or in the Storage folder dedicated to your application: this is the best option, see the user guide).
  • modify the manifest of the application’s EXE file with a resource editor like Resource Hacker.
    I think that we’ll provide an option to change whether the application’s EXE should be run with administrative privileges or not.