Windows 8/10 notification - SOLVED

Windows 8+ have support to notification in the OS.
This is used by many software, include the Outlook for example.

A “small” “pop-up” in bottom-right.
This have a icon, title and small text.

Have a plan to support it in ExeOutput for PHP?

Actually it already exists in ExeOutput 2. See the demo that ships with the Beta, there is a topic about it.

The example not work. :frowning:
I try it only in my PC, on click in the button not display any notification.

I don’t know why.

  • I’m using Windows 10

Maybe your Windows 10 doesn’t allow all apps to show notifications?
You should see:

You got it.

Using the “Bitdefender” in “automatic mode”, the Bitdefender disable the notification. :S
I don’t know why.

But without the BitDefender it works.