Woocommerce Activation / Validation with product bundles

I’m using and have deployed; the WP Woocommerce activation / validation Kit on a dedicated server and it works perfectly for individual product sales or listed products, however when the products are grouped together (bundled) and sold under a group name the product name or bundle name becomes generic for that group hence the validation does not work.

Has anyone got any ideas as to how to group or bundle products together without having to list every product separately which is a pain for both my clients and myself.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sadly this is a lacking feature in the software…Its ok for a single product but as soon as you have multiple products or variant products its a problem. Hopefully the support will come up with a solution for this

Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. …I thought that would be the case, so more workarounds for me. WP and Woocommerce is a bag of worms at the best of times - you can’t even copy a generic order and make it a ‘template’ without diving into the script big time!

If the developers are listening… - please consider this feature in the next update - I would actually pay for an add-in that offered bundling options.

thanks again.