Wordpress Themes and Plugins

Can i use my own wordpress theme and plugins

Sure, theme and plugins are supported. You must place them into the existing “Data” subfolder, see http://www.exeoutput.com/samples/wordpress-desktop-app

Browsing some WP show access violation errors:
errors also are popping up when I’m trying to download from the wordpress plugin server,
nothing can be downloaded !!

How to solve these problems ??

Which OS are you using?

OS: Windows 6 x64 sp1
I think to run Wordpress smoothly, som php extensions are needed.
how can I enable those??
I can go for by scripting also if support is given what instructions is needed to run those…

It would be useful if some docs are available on how to run ajax plugins, wp 4.x.x compliant plugins
I am expert in wordpress programming & plugins & can test those everything WP & report here !!

There is no Windows 6… Could you check?
The sole documentation is the tutorial in PDF available here:

Sorry ! Typo mistake !
OS: Windows 7 x64 sp1
the wordpress doc is not enough (as many steps & explanations are missing), for eg:
CASE1: on pg6, after “wp-content” folder is cut and paste in \Data folder, the full src folder is compiled by exeoutput, how does the program determine the WP installation without the “wp-content” folder ??(pls make clarification here)

& then running WP afterwards, there is no wp-config.php file created as on pg36, (I have already tried like 4 times, but the file is not there…am I missing somthng? )

CASE3: buddypress plugin if installed in the WP, the program becomes unresponsive and afterwards cannot be logged in…
the WP becomes unstable & throws random errors all of a sudden !! Some imp steps are missing here maybe…(I think so…)
my compiled WP is now dead, totally white screen with errors: “Cannot load php.dll in the memory”

how can I open a separate tab on my app to configure my wp plugins ??
what scripting to follow to enable those plugins ??
pls give some details here.

I want to run a full-fledged wordpress site with lots of plugins, so how can I determine which plugins to keep in the ‘\Data’ folder (virtual folder for Exeoutpu), which plugins to always run in virtual folder & which not ???
A proper guidance is required .
Can you show me step-by-step procedures of running a full WP cms app with buddypress or woocommerce running ???
It would be much beneficial for the knowledge of the community & usage of this software…
being optimistic & eagerly waiting now…

First, you have to study how ExeOutput accesses compiled or external files. Everything can’t be described in the Wordpress tutorial. It is supposed that you also read the ExeOutput doc:
We’ll check how the buddypress plug-in interacts. There are some restrictions to access the internal server, for instance, PHP can’t download data directly from our internal server.
Basically, you should keep all plugins in the “Data” subfolder and not compile them.