Write to an ini file

I am trying to write to an ini file. At the moment this is failing so I am doing something wrong. I am adding a custom action to an event

This is the actual entry data

The ini file does not exist. I assumed that this action would create it if it is not there.


Can’t see how to edit my post. I am saying that the ini file and path does not exist before the installer runs and still does not exist after the run so my assumption is that this action does not create the ini file and path somehow before I can use it.

I also tried to do this via a registry entry and that failed also

Please try to create the directory first with a custom action and ensure you have enough rights to write to the “D:” folder.

Thanks. I finally got it to work by

  1. Creating the folder
  2. Creating the actual file by Write Data to File. I wrote a null string. This was the only way to get the file to exist
  3. Writing the entry to the file using Write Data to an Ini File.

There are full rights to the D:\ folder and the installer is running under admin priviledge

Thanks. It should also be working without creating the empty file (but creating the folder is required).