XLS Padlock 2.3 released - June 23rd, 2016

Our Excel security software XLS Padlock has been updated. Upgrade to version 2.3 is recommended for registered users with an active maintenance.

What’s new:

  • Fixed access violation in protection DLL due to Large Address Aware capability change for Excel (bug specific to Office 365 + Windows 7/8 users).
  • Improved behavior with some Excel versions (missing XLS Padlock ribbon for instance).
  • You can now import a list of system IDs in the key generator to batch generate serials with hardware ID support.
  • Improvement: XLS Padlock displays [Unsaved Project for %s] in its window title when no XLS Padlock project file is found for the current Excel workbook.
  • Improvement: an error message is now displayed if you don’t provide the required system ID in the key generator.
  • Fix for rare bug “Trusted folder could not be registered”.
  • New advanced option to allow F11 and F12 keystrokes.
  • You can now retrieve command-line parameters passed to the EXE with VBA code.
  • XLS Padlock verifies that the EXE is available before running it.
  • Updated user guide.
  • Minor improvements.

XLS Padlock is software for protecting your Excel workbooks, VBA code and formulas.
XLS Padlock works as an Excel compiler that allows you to turn your Excel workbooks into secure applications (XLS to EXE). A lot of security options and customization possibilities. Learn more about our Excel workbook protection software.

Free fully-functional trial available at https://www.xlspadlock.com/download

More information at https://www.xlspadlock.com