XLS Padlock 2.5 released - May 15th, 2017

##XLS Padlock 2.5 released

Protect your Excel workbooks, formulas and VBA code against copy. XLS Padlock 2.5 offers an improved UI and several enhancements for securing your workbooks. Upgrade is recommended for registered users with an active maintenance.

What’s new

  • Improved UI: use of system font, scaling items according to DPI and new vector graphics.
  • New App menu button.
  • New feature to load/save settings from/to template files so that you can reuse the same settings between different Excel workbooks.
  • Decreased size of output EXE files.
  • Full support for Large DPI screens.
  • New Spanish and Portuguese Brazil translations.
  • Improved right-to-left language support for dialog boxes.
  • New VBA API to get current save file path.
  • New VBA API to hide the wait dialog programmatically.
  • Fixed: some UI texts were not translated properly.
  • Several minor bug fixes reported by end users thanks to the integrated error report system.
  • Improved Excel-related error detection by XLS Padlock.
  • EXE PE header checksum is now properly set after compilation.
  • MAC address is no more the default method for computing system IDs.
  • Updated user guide.
  • Updated core components.
  • Minor improvements.

XLS Padlock is software for protecting your Excel workbooks, VBA code and formulas.
XLS Padlock works as an Excel compiler that allows you to turn your Excel workbooks into secure applications (XLS to EXE). A lot of security options and customization possibilities. Learn more about our Excel workbook protection software.

Free fully-functional trial available at https://www.xlspadlock.com/download

More information at https://www.xlspadlock.com