XLS Padlock 2024 released - November 15th, 2023

:loudspeaker: We are happy to present the 2024 edition of XLS Padlock, a new version of our Excel workbook licensing and security software. This release incorporates numerous enhancements and some new features such as deactivation for Excel workbooks. This is a highly recommended update.

Highlights of XLS Padlock 2024:

Implementation of a License Deactivation Feature

One of the major updates in XLS Padlock 2024 is the introduction of a license deactivation option. This feature enables users to deactivate their licenses with ease, supported through both online and offline channels. The Activation Kit and WooCommerce Integration Kit 2024 have been upgraded to facilitate smooth license deactivation.

For end users, deactivating a license is straightforward. When online deactivation is activated in the protected Excel workbook application, it automatically communicates with the server to unregister the activation. In cases where the server is not accessible or the user is offline, a manual deactivation option generates a certificate as proof, which can be verified using the “Test deactivation certificate” function in XLS Padlock.

Enhancements and New Features:

  • Web Update Optimization: The web update feature has been refined for better handling of various URLs and support for relative folder paths in update files. This enhancement resolves issues related to renaming EXE files that could cause update failures.
  • VBA Compiler Enhancement: The VBA compiler now includes additional Excel VBA constants, enhancing compatibility and versatility for VBA programming.
  • New ‘OnAfterSave’ VBA Event in Excel: Specifically designed for XLS Padlock, the XLSPadlock_OnAfterSave event activates after each save, offering more control to developers.
  • Security Improvement by Disabling ‘Link to this Sheet’: As a security measure, the ‘Link to this Sheet’ option in Excel has been disabled.
  • Upgraded USB Locking: The latest version includes USB ID editing for USB locking, providing a more secure and versatile approach to manage access to protected workbooks.
  • New Option to Conceal the ‘Original Workbook’ Selection: Users are now required to select from existing workbook save files, which is particularly useful if save files are provided by the user.
  • Error Handling Enhancement in Workbook Processing: A new feature has been added to overlook errors during the workbook’s internal protection process, improving stability and user experience.

Additional Improvements:

  • Change in UPX Compression Strategy: Owing to antivirus false alarms, UPX is no longer the default compression method. It is now optional, recommended only with a valid code-signing certificate.
  • Bug Resolutions and Performance Upgrades: Various bugs have been addressed, including those affecting .DAT files and activation dialog titles. Additionally, the software’s startup time has been significantly reduced.
  • Better Handling of Corrupted XLSCE Files: Error messaging for corrupted XLSCE files has been improved.
  • Enhanced Localization Support: New resource strings have been added to the language files, particularly for the deactivation process.
  • Expanded Documentation: The documentation has been updated to include new topics and a FAQ section, offering comprehensive user guidance.

:point_right: XLS Padlock 2024 marks a significant advancement in our ongoing mission to develop our Excel workbook security and licensing software. This version is designed to meet the evolving needs of users, focusing on advanced protection and efficient license management. Users with active maintenance plans can upgrade for free, while others can renew their maintenance at a discounted rate.

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XLS Padlock Guide
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