XLS Padlock - Urgently - Help Please

Sure, but we have got some other problems we must first solve. It’s normal development unfortunately it can take more time than initially expected.

Perhaps more simple tasks can be solved while working on more complex tasks. I usually do this during application development.

We meant problems in the current build of XLS Padlock.

Problem fixed in XLS Padlock 2018. Please upgrade.

I will test it

I just installed version 2018.1 and get an error in all the functions called. I’ve recompiled a hundred times already and do not understand what the problem might be. In the previous version of 2018 everything worked without problems

When you compile your VBA code inside the VBA compiler, do you get an error? Try to change param1 defined as string to variant for instance.

When compiling - no errors!
What you are offering is not necessary!
I will have to redo all points of calling procedures and functions.
I had to remove version 8.1 and I work with 8.0 until you find out the reasons.
I’m constantly programming and can not jump from version to version.

Anyway, that’s probably the reason of your problem.
In the compiled VBA code (in VBA compiler), don’t use types for params.
For instance:
Function test(param1)
and not
Function test(param1 As String)

I don’t use types for params

Why did this problem only occur in 2018.1?
I have more than 7000 lines of code and it is not acceptable in every version to make such global changes

Then try
Function GetOrdersHistory(Param1 As String) As String
The compiler got updated in 2018.1. Without your code, it’s difficult to tell you where the error lies.

I think that’s because of the new ability to accept arrays as params. I’ll ask.

I TRYED and nothing has changed. Errors…

The error appears in normal Excel or in the compiled EXE?

in normal Excel

And not in compiled EXE?

We found the solution for your problem. It will be fixed in a new update tomorrow.

Okay, I will continue to use the previous version.
Please inform me when the update will be available.