XLS Padlock with Enky SL dongle

To work around the poor performance issue of arrays calculation as mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve developed my own compiled DLL for the main calculation engine in VB6 in stead of moving the code into the XLS Padlock compiler. I’m aware that my spreadsheet and the DLL could be stripped off the XLS padlock compiled EXE file by some advanced users so I want to tie the DLL to the EXE file as well as to the Enky dongle by using AES encrypted connection strings . The problem is to find out where to save the AES secret encryption/decryption key. I don’t want to hard code it within the XLS Padlock compiler or the DLL for some reasons.

Hence, I want to use the secret key saved in the Enky dongle as the AES key to encrypt/decrypt the connection strings. How can I do this with XLS Padlock?

XLS Padlock doesn’t offer direct APIs to the Enky dongles, but it may be interesting since our VBA compiler can also invoke DLL functions. You should contact your Enky SL provider to find out whether it’s possible to do it with VBA.

Can you provide a function to access the Enky dongles in the next release?

Indeed XLSPadlock compiler can invoke DLL functions. It runs pretty fast, however it fails with a larger dataset. Hence I have to call the dll from VBA, not from the XLS Padlock compiler.

Yes, we placed this request on our TODO list to see if it is feasible.