.XLSC saving with one EXE & loading in another EXE

Using the new bundle option, is there a way to get the .XLSC saved from within one EXE to open / load in a 2nd EXE, without the VBA modules associated with the 1st?

I attempted this; including the full set of VBA modules with the 1st EXE and then used a limited subset of modules when generating the 2nd EXE. However, I noticed that after creating the 2nd EXE and opening it, it contained the full set of VBA modules.

I’m assuming, based on this behaviour, that it is stored within the XPLAPP file… although I guess it could also have something to do with Excel itself?

The bundle option is completely identical to the standalone EXE version. Except that you get two files (XPLAPP and EXE) in the bundle, and one EXE in standalone. The sole interest of the bundle is for customers who don’t have a code signing certificate.

Okay so I would need to have only 1 version of the app with 1 set of VBA modules. I was hoping to have a ‘manager / technician’ and ‘end user’ version (the end user version having a limited subset of VBA modules) that could import from the ‘manager’ workbook cell data and formulas.