XLSPad Lock .exe failed to load after upgrade

Hi Support-Team,

After an upgrade to the windows 10 installation 20H2,
we are facing a strange problem:

  • We are using a compilie excel version (the output of your program)

  • after an upgrade to windows 10 Version 20H2 the delivered exe stop working

  • After starting the exe file we are getting the following error:

  • We are getting the same error window for this dll SXS* .*DLL


All other Software tools are working fine. Excel VBA ist also working fine.

Can you tell me what dll xlspad lock uses in the background and if they are shipped inside the exe file when starting the first time.

Best regards
Sebastian Docktor

Be sure to use a recent release of XLS Padlock. 2021.1 is the latest one and it looks like your EXE was built with an old version of XLS Padlock.