XLSPADLOCK Any way to don't be blocked by Antivirus?

Hi. i generate my xls to exe by xlspadlock. But once i launch my exe, my antivirus start to scan exe. Is there any way to define my exe is safe for all antivirus apps exception close antivirus action?

I d like my customers dont have this problem.

Some antivirus software do not accept EXE files that are not digitally signed. So you can code sign the EXE file made with XLS Padlock: this prevents false positives generally and is compliant with Windows SmartScreen feature. XLS Padlock has full code signing support, so signing EXE file is easy. But you have to buy a code signing certificate first. You can get one for instance at https://codesigning.ksoftware.net/ If you want a discount for buying a certificate from them, use CPNHTMLEXE as coupon code.