XLSPadlock v2.3 gives error when started from Windows network share

In Oracle Virtualbox I have shared folders, which in essence are Windows file shares to the Virtual Host.
When I run XLSPadlock from the fileshare I get this error.

If I run it from a local folder in the virtual guest (Windows 7) then it works.
Seems to me like a bug in XLSPadlock.

This is not related to XLS Padlock itself. In VirtualBox, the Setup package of XLS Padlock doesn’t work from shared folders,so you must copy it into the virtual machine first before running it. This doesn’t impact XLS Padlock though.

I doubt this is a Virtualbox issue.
I can run any program from these virtual shared folders, except for XLSPadlock.

Anyway, feel free to use this information to improve your program. If not, topic can be closed.