Do not allow saving/loading other workbooks

Hi Sirs, I am using XLS to work with my students so they arent allow to open other instance of Excel (thus limiting access to solutions for example in tests). But they managed to circunveit this by first opening an Excel Workbook and then running the Excel application. It then allows loading and saving other workbooks. Is there a way that they are not allowed to load or save other workbooks or not allowing to run the application if other workbooks are open?

If we understand correctly, you would like to have one single instance of Excel. Is it correct?

I would like that my students are not allowed to open other instances of excel while using my excel application secured with XLSPADLOCK. Thats partially posible with XLSPADLOCK but that feature only works when they open the application FIRST. In that case the statement “Do not allow saving/loading other workbooks” is correct. But when they open an excel workbook BEFORE the application, is posible to have 2 instances of excel open at the same time. I dont know if thats a bug or not of XLSPADLOCK. I would like to be sure they cant have 2 or more instances opened at the same time (so they cant cheat in tests).


Exactly, one single instance of Excel.

Dear Sirs: 11 days ago I tried to ask you something but had no response. Maybe I explained myself wrong.

I will try my best this time. English is not my mother tongue.

In the XLSPADLOCK manual, under section it says “This ultimate security feature will make Excel unable to load and save any workbook file, except of course the secured workbook. End users will not be able to load other existing workbooks in the same Excel instance. This also prevents possible hacks through VBA (for instance to extract values from workbook and save them as a new workbook)”.

My questions:

  1. When I open ANY Excel file FIRST and then I run the compiled application, I will have 2 workbooks open: The applications workbook and the first excel workbook I opened. Thats a fact. The application does not prevent this.

Is this behavior in contradiction with the above statement or not?

  1. If the behavior of my #1 question is normal and not an XLSPADLOCK bug, can I force to have only 1 workbook open? It would be great to have an option in XLSPADLOCK to force to run only 1 workbook at a time. (I thought that was one of the applications benefit)


The one Excel instance option will be included in the next release. We had to confirm first that it could be done.

Thanks for your response. I will be waiting for that release!