Error storing data in registry

Having a customer getting this error when launching application…

Error storing data in registry. Please verify your antivirus software is not interfering. Failed to set data for ‘Data’.

No antivirus software turned on.

He is running Windows 10 and had Excel 2007… but upgraded to the newest Office online version.

My application is set to only run on Excel 2013 or newer.

Could there still be an old setting on his PC from Excel 2007 that is causing the error?

Any suggestions?

This means that permissions of some registry keys for that customer may be broken (or corrupted). It’s a local problem: Windows refuses the registry modifications requested by your EXE file. This is either due to an antivirus software (or security software) or a security problem due to missing permissions. By default, an application can write to the registry. Maybe your customer has enabled a special Windows mode to prevent writing data to the registry?

Have another customer with the same error as above… I saw this in the What’s new list in this past software update post (XLS Padlock 2.2 available - February 26th, 2016)…

"Workaround for “Error setting data in registry - Failed to set data for ‘Data’.”

What is the workaround? I can’t find it in the manual.

It’s in the Advanced Options (button on the initial XLS Padlock page).