Flash Workaround? Please help

I was able to workaround the end of life issue in my normal chrome browser version 87.0.4280.141 using the following workaround. I kept seeing the EOL logo for flash and couldnt run it until i did the workaround. As soon as I updated the browser then the work around stopped working because there isnt a way to allow flash in the sites settings permissions since flash options have been removed.

I am having issues with my compiled software that loaded flash to now work since flash was turned off.

Can you tell me the location of the internal browser that is used when the software is run?

I am trying to locate the path that I may try the same workaround that was suggested for all the other browsers. I am trying to locate the browser engine you use to drive the internal browser.

Here is the work around that work for a moment can you look at it and see if you can adapt a workaround for your software to allow me to continue to run flash in my compiled software?

Thanks for any help and direction.

I too would be interested in this subject. It has been mentioned on forum that exeout would try to support some type of flash plugin.

Have a lot of school software that is still great stuff, but flash is the issue.

Any plans with next version support flash?

Any tips on making current software to continue working?

We are exploring the possibility to use some Flash workaround ourselves, so that when you run an ExeOutput app, the Flash player will still work for it. We must also study whether it can be installed in the background, because Microsoft is removing it from Windows.
Moreover, there may still be legal issues for distributing Flash alone.

I am happy if the end user is provided a link to a version of flash that they must install on their own too if we can not distribute or install it directly in the background.

Please keep us posted

Any updates or ideas on the @gdgsupport ? Will we see help in next release? I have to plan ahead and flash is important to many apps used by schools.