Old Excel File Opening instead of New File

I installed and activated a version of my compiled spreadsheet on my husband’s computer to test it sometime last year. Today I compiled a new spreadsheet and installed it to test it.

When I open the application, it shows the name of the new file, but the old file opens. Also, the original activation key is still valid.

The original file was installed before I purchased Paquet Builder, so I can’t uninstall the old information. How can I completely delete everything from the original application off of his computer so that the new version will work?

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Try clearing your temp folder. There was a copy kept in my Temp folder previously.

Thank you Derrick. My husband did a search for my application’s name and found some old files and deleted them. That did the trick. I don’t know if they were in the temp file or not, so I’m a little worried about end users of my spreadsheet having the same problem.

Is there an easy way to find the temp folder that holds it?

If you use the “save and load changes automatically” feature of XLS Padlock, that problem can arise. Because when you run the EXE file (even updated), it will still load the changes that were created with the previous version of the EXE.
If you want to avoid that without having to clear the folder where automatic saves are stored, you can change the application GUID in XLS Padlock.

you can change the application GUID in XLS Padlock.

I don’t know what this means. Can you please give more instruction?

Where is the folder stored that keeps automatic saves? I just had the same problem on my computer and clearing the temp files did not work.

Nevermind…I figured out the GUID change. I also found the path to the automatic save file. Once I deleted it, I could see my changes.

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