Suggestion for additional functionality

I work a lot with XLS Padlock and there are a few small things you can add to the software that will significantly improve its productivity.

  1. Adding a minimize button to the main screen, the window cannot be minimized at the moment and this is very disturbing.

  2. Add a “Delete Folder” button that will delete the folder located in :
    C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ XLSPadlock \ UserApplication \ {CE7CF3F8-F6A7-453D-AA6E-ABB6BAE189C0}

Just like you did the “Clear Activation Data” button, you should also delete that folder instead of constantly entering the path and deleting it. This is very effective when doing tests.

  1. Add a “Save” button - there is currently a “save and close” button, but there is no save button only.

  2. And perhaps most important of all is the - open the last path to every “Browse” button.
    What I mean is - the software has a lot of buttons that need to be navigated to a specific path, such as: Icon selection path, EXE save path, splash screen path, save templates path, import template path, translations path, etc… I would like to click on the folder browser that will be displayed on the dialog screen the last one I chose under this button.
    For example: If I chose a path to an icon and then a splash screen path and then I went back to the Icon button, this time would automatically open in the Icon folder (from previous icon browse path) rather than splash screen as it is now.

If you do these things, to me personally it will significantly improve the user experience in the software.

Great! Thank you for your suggestions. They were put on our TODO list.

One more super important functionality:

i want to be able to re-message and translate (with the .sil file) this error messages:


those messages appear when user try to online activate the EXE file with Windows 7, (Server activation error - Please fast)

if we cant fix this issue at least i will translate it so my customers will know want to do.

We’ll check whether these messages can be translated with the SIL file.

I need some solution, either enable on-line activation for Windows 7 or provide a custom message, my clients do not understand what this message is, and i’m not looking professional …

thank you !

One more thing:

Is it possible to add a feature that cancel for the end user “Ctrl + Break” in the EXE.

now, when i’m pressing “Ctrl + Break” in the middle of a procedure the code stops, is it possible to preven end user to do so (of course only in the EXE)?

Not sure, we’ll have to test this possibility.

Thank you.