VBE6.DLL error while opening compiled excel file using XLS Padlock

Hi, I am novice in this programming. I am doing MACRO based some worksheets and testing it through this XLS Padlock 1.4 trial version. I have 35 worksheets in the workbook and the total file size is 5000 kb and after compilation it reduce to 4300 kb. I have opted for almost all options available in Security i.e. disable ribbon, allow print, disable right click, disable cut-paste etc.etc. but while i m trying to open the said compiled exe file, it gives me error which reads like " Unexpected error while loading protected workbook:Access violation at address 650A5A59 in module ‘VBE6.DLL’. Read of address 00000000. Please restart the protection program." I am trying to restart it again and again but the same Error Message appears. I will be highly obliged if someone explain me the reason why i am getting this message and in simple language explain how to solve it. I have read so many reply in this forum and i am not able to understand it being a novice in this line so pl. explain me in very simple language. I have tried for getting any solution from online but not able to solve the same. I am not able to upload the image of error so i am writing this.

Please try to uncheck each option one per one, and see which one is causing the “Unexpected error while loading protected workbook:Access violation” error. VBE6.DLL means a problem in the Visual Basic Editor, so it is probably linked to your macros / VBA code. Also avoid “disabling ribbon” as a first attempt.

Hi sir, i am able to avoid the error only after avoiding 'Lock VBA Project (simple VBA protection). I am interested in knowing how it will affect overall protection of my software, i am very much eager to know the effect. How i can include it and not to avoid it, is there any way out ?

Which exact version of Excel are you using?

A client of mine is having the exact same problem with a file that was created with XLSPAD version 2.0. The version my client is using is excel 2010 and is exactly the same version with which the workbook was protected. As I cannot reproduce the error on my computer I am quite stuck on this on. Does anybody know what is causing this problem ? Disabling the vba protection is not an option for me.

Has your client some antivirus software and latest Office updates?

I just created a padlock protected file for a client but after activating the file with the key request he does get an error message telling him that there has been an “an unexpected error while loading protected workbook:Access violation at address 650ASA59 in module ‘VBE6.DDL’ Read of Address 00000000.
Please restart the protection program”

Any ideas what is happening ?


What is the version of Excel used by your client?

excel 2010.

I have had this before… my guess is your client has a version of Excel that does not run the vbscript that you have in the protected exe file. Ask your client what version of Excel they are using and that they have updated windows and MS Excel. Then if you can test your version of the protected exe file with all the versions of Excel to make sure they all work. this is the number one issue i have in distribution that some VBscripts did not work with older versions for Excel.

Once I tested on all versions i could bug all the scripts and since have no problems from Excel 2007 to 2016 versions.

Thank you gweile_2 for the info. My client is running the same excel version as the computer on which the file has been created and his computer is updated. I have tested the protected workbook on all versions from 2007 of excel up to 2013 on my computers and all versions of windows from xp to 8.1 and it works fine. Besides that I use another protection software as backup solution and it works on my clients computer. But since this is only a temporrary backup solution my clients needs to have the binary protection from xlspad.

Any suggestions what could be the root cause of this error ?

Has your client some antivirus software and latest Office updates?

Yes my clients office is according to his information fully updated. He does also use anti-virus software but since the error occurred after entering the hardware key (his file is hardware locked with a local license file) it might not be a virus scanner blocking - in that case the antivirus software should prevent even the activation procedure and not intervene in the middle of the activation or not ?. I myself have tested the workbook on several computers with different operating systems, various ant-virus software and even not fully updated office version and it works on all of them. One of your 1.4 clients did have the same problem - he created a protected file on his computer and could not run it due to the same error - He posted it here on the blog but unfortunately there is no root cause mentioned in the thread. The only thing he found out is that the error did not show up when he did not enable simple vba lock. Does this point you to the possible error ? I do need however to lock the vba code.

any new info on this issue ? I have seen that my first comments have been moved to this “1.4 trial version” thread but just to avoid any misunderstandings, I am having the problems with the newly released 2.0 version and I am quite urgently in need of understanding what can be done about this problem. Any idea’s or hints are highly appreciated. Thanks

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Some antivirus programs use Windows API hooks, and they can interfere with XLS Padlock internal functions. At the step of the activation process, Excel is not already started by the compiled workbook. Do you have the name of the antivirus program?

I can reproduce this error now using excel 2007 and as stated by dilippshah10 the error occurs when using the “simple VBA lock” flag. So I would assume that the troubles start there. Luckily in the 2.0 release it is possible to prevent the access to the VBA editor and by NOT selecting the vba lock AND not allowing the VBA editor to be used the compiled file works again.