What file do I direct the user's %SYSTID% to? - SOLVED

I want the user that registers my program to get their own activation key based on their unique system ID. What file do I want to feed their %SYSTID% to so as to make this happen? I’m speaking of the “Get Key Online” URL I will create.

As I understand it, I have to direct the user’s %SYSTID% to a php file named “xlspl-keygen.inc.php” If this is so, do I need to place the “xlspl-keygen.inc.php” file in a particular folder?

Thanks a heap. I really appreciate it. I am not a programmer and know zip about the php language. Sorry.

Dave Oliver

The xlspl-keygen.inc.php is not a ready-to-use file. It’s a PHP class file that has to be used with your own PHP scripts. You must hire a PHP developer to do it for you, or wait until next week: we’ll be releasing a new activation kit that integrates with WooCommerce to manage orders and activations.

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That is exciting! I will wait for the new activation kit. I use woocommerce
so the kit will complete your excellent application to sell Excel
solutions. May you continue to prosper in your endeavors.

Dave Oliver

It will take a bit longer because we’re taking this opportunity to add online validation to XLS Padlock (version 2.6) and are updating all activation kits. Online validation will let workbook authors check whether their users have still the right to access the workbook. Thus, you can disable access when a user requested a refund or in a case of fraudulent purchase.

Thank you for the update. Patience is my middle name. J

Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Have a great day.

David Oliver